BURGOS – The city where I was born, grew up and I belong.

EA SALAMANCA – The school of arts where I studied Advertising Graphic Design.

IED MADRID – The design institute where I studied Video Design and Motion Graphics.

NBC UNIVERSAL (CALLE13 & SYFY) – My first internship at OnAir department for both TV stations.

DOWIK – My alter ego working as a freelance for several clients like Chello Multicanal, Odisea, Gestmusic, Cuatro, Pep Sempere Estudio.

METADESIGN BERLIN – The branding company where I worked on Motion & Sound Branding design.

MADRID – The city I’m based in.

MANDARINA & MEDIASET – The production company and the major television network where I worked as TV Graphics Composer.

FREELANCE CLIENTS – Kinect Xbox, Veo TV, Promofest, Regalador, AMC Networks, Plataforma de infancia, Kissy.

ARTISTIC PROJECTS – Directing Fashion Films for Enma (Botanic porcelain, Al-zuleique namorado) and Héctor Riaño (Calipigia), and short films (Los Mil).